Am i a starseed

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Am i a starseed

Because they come from a different star, Starseeds carry a very different aura or vibration that allows them to access certain information that is not from this world. This information usually holds clues on ways to advance the planet and create new technologies. At their core, Starseeds know that Earth is not their true home and sometimes this can create feelings of being out of place or alone. Many of the political and social rules of society may also feel unnecessary or irrational to Starseeds and often they will forge their own path or find a new way of doing something.

Starseeds are also extremely intuitive, psychic and empathetic. They are very sensitive to the world around them and may also have an interest in time travel, space and alien life. You are naturally technologically savvy and have a different way of problem solving. You are empathetic to others emotions and can pick up on what others are feeling.

You are extremely intelligent but are not interested in conventional academics. You have a memory of your purpose and mission here on Earth or you catch glimpses of it every now and again.

You may have a memory of being from another planet or galaxy and what it looked like. Life one Earth may at times feel boring or disappointing to you, especially when you are reminded of where you came from. You seem to find solutions to problems much quicker than others around you- Earthly complaints seem simple to you. You are naturally talented in the area of technology, physics, engineering, space travel and metaphysics.

am i a starseed

As a Starseed, it may feel as if you are constantly awakening and forever growing, however once you truly step into the work things tend to manifest rapidly. Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious. She is an intuitive astrologer and aims to use her writing to heal and inspire. She also runs online courses and in-person retreats. Do you sometimes feel like you came from another planet? You may also like. Tanaaz Tanaaz is the creator of Forever Conscious.

View all posts.During my Soul Retrieval session a couple weeks ago, my healer recognized in me this deep desire to love, inspire, and uplift people around me. She said I was a Starseed. That was the first I had heard of that term. I later looked it up and the idea of it is strangely exciting to me.

Some of those may be of different Extra Terrestrial races. Abilities such as clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, telepathy and the like are common among Starseeds. When I looked into it, this concept of Starseeds is relatively new, but popping up all over the world as people who are waking up spiritually on a mass scale. Or if I really am a Starseed? I decided to go for a long walk and meditate on that.

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Ok, interesting. You know it! My walking started to quicken as a feeling of empowerment started coming over me.

Are You A Starseed? 21 Signs to Look For

But here is where my ego comes in. But our souls are infinite and eternal and have incarnated into many bodies and many lifetimes. So it makes logical sense to me that my soul could have incarnated into other physical forms in different parts of the universe. I am naturally drawn to artistic or creative endeavors like art, design, dance, film, etc. I strive to bring people together and inspire them to realize their true inner creative visionary.

I feel like I have some sort of mission in life. Not yet at least. So if my soul has a rich galactic lineage, where has it been? Some of them I was bored reading. It definitely described me. But I also resonated with several other parts of different star systems… Some of my more evolved spiritual friends told me that we likely come from MANY different star systems and our souls have been a lot of places.

But is my ego just looking for a cool new identity to attach itself to? This is no exception. And my ego has a history of wanting to feel special. Or is my ego the one causing fear, doubt, and worry about something that is true deep within?

am i a starseed

I am not sure of the answer. My heart is telling me to be proud of who I am at this point in my spiritual journey. Excitement, hope, joy, doubt, fear, questioning. Get a weekly email with new posts, updates and links to what I'm reading, watching and listening to. No spam or sharing your email, unsubscribe anytime. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Esoteric Am I a Starseed? Illustration I did for my new brand Starseed Supply Co.

Notify of. Most Voted Newest Oldest. Inline Feedbacks.In practice, they have already reincarnated in other planes and planets before being reborn here on Earth. The number of Starseeds on our planet right now is the highest in the whole history.

am i a starseed

Do you want to know if you are a Starseed? There are also other civilizations that have sent Starseeds but they are a minority. You had the feeling of not belonging for your whole life. You have noticed that children and their relatives of other families have a sense of belonging that you do not have. It is difficult for you to adapt unless you meet other starseeds and then you feel immediately understood in a wonderful way. Even if you have tried many times to adapt to one of the many religious systems of the Earth, you just can not do it.

You reject almost all beliefs and it is possible that you tend to build your own system. You also have some form of psychic abilitiessuch as telepathy or clairvoyance. You are not very good at remembering things like birthdays and dates. You are often very early or late for appointments. You love gadgets and electronic equipment, and you have a natural aptitude to understand how they work.

You like them so much that you read the right manuals to have fun. For you, the Earth is a violent, aggressive and pissed off place.

You can be angry too but always try to make the world around you become harmonious and peaceful. You do not try to control others and you do not want others to control you. If there was a war it is likely that you would choose not to fight. The history of the war of the sexes seems absurd. You may not even be heterosexual, and if you are, you do not care much about finding a label for who you are.

You can also be very androgynous in appearance. You experience great love and respect for nature in all its manifestations: Gaia, forests, mountains, the sea, animals, etc. You feel a deep and mystical connection with the dolphins and the whales, almost like your relatives.

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This does not mean you can not find your way or even succeed in this system, but you will always feel a little uncomfortable when you do it. You do not like routine and overly structured environments.

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You often dream of giving up everything and joining a common hippie or similar. However, you do not like the concept of money and would like to be valued for what you are and not for what you can buy. You like to escape into creative fantasy and build whole ideal worlds in your head.

You are also led to hallucinogenic experiences to intensify the experience. A negative aspect is when this trend becomes the main one: in reaction to the harsh and cruel world you could indulge in the use of drugs, alcohol and other means to overcome the pain you feel, and doing so you fail your work of improving the world.

Am I a starseed🌟✨💫? Pick a card reading

You are also prone to depression if you do not have control over your life and your experiences. You have a lot of creativity and you love the creative manifestations of others. Music, art, architecture, good food… everything.

Creativity is profound in you.

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You can easily believe in the existence of UFOs and extraterrestrial beings.Do you have an obsession over the stars and outer space? Have you ever experienced prophetic dreams or visions?

Do you have a fascination with ancient symbols? Take the quiz below, you might be a starseed! Starseeds are simply those people who either have been awakened to Spirit or have bloodlines from ancient days which connect them to visitors from the stars. There are people of starseed origin that are just people. They may have more insight and longing for things of spiritual nature, and a deep respect for the creation. As there are different races of people, and differing ranks of spirits, so also are there different types of starseeds.

There are those of unions with higher dimensional beingsthose of unions with angelic spirit beings, and those of unions with reptilian beings: these latter often being bred through genetic manipulation in secret experiments using technology and genetic information taught by reptilians. True starseeds in harmony with the Creator exhibit certain personality traits and manifestation of powers inherited from their ancestors.

There are many lists of starseed traits made by people suspecting such a heritage, but these often have combined the traits of all type of Starseed, including those traits inherent in reptilians. Some of the traits of true starseed who are in harmony with the Creator are such:. This could also include spiritual visions of earth creatures or people.

This sometimes continues into adulthood. In conventions for the blind, they often segregate themselves as being born blind versus being advantageously blind where blindness occurred after being able to see. My advantageously blind Psychology of Sleep and Dreams professor stated that once he went blind, he still retained the ability to see in his dreams, but after a while, his dreams became more sensory related to touch, smell and sound versus visual cognition.

Even having this urge as a child. Not satisfied with working for others, but more than willing to work doing something [which you have yet to discover, but know is out there]. The influences of the Pleiades was known to the ancient peoples of Earth. The seven stars, the seven sisters as they were named — though a small cluster in the night sky, were perceived as being much more than a few small stars in the myriad of lights above.

Am I a Starseed?

Ancient people knew the Truth and expressed it. Some of us have not always been obedient to the absolute Truth, and have been both misled and have misled.Starseed Test. Starseeds are usually characterized as sensitive, intuitive, knowing and often have difficulty fitting in. They instinctively know there is more to life than what has been previously circulated.

Each bringing forth unique energy frequencies, gifts, awareness to seed into human consciousness. They will often experience a difficulty in life, some major that they will evidently overcome, and in this provide avenues for solutions or healing to many sociological difficulties or traumas.

The following questionnaire outlines some of the main characteristics surrounding a Starseed, and can help you determine whether you fit the profile using the score attained at the end of the questionnaire. You later return with recollection of these experiences elsewhere? You must calculate your quiz score manually. Either you do not have a JavaScript-enabled browser, or you have disabled JavaScript in the Preferences menu we suggest that you use the latest version of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.

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am i a starseed

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