Sauer 3000 drilling

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Sauer 3000 drilling

The first Sauer Company was founded in by Lorenz Sauer and was the oldest recorded manufacturer of firearms in all of Germany. It was a true family business that passed from one Sauer generation to the next. In it became the first firearms company in Suhl to produce weapons for the German military. The original company ceased to exist at the end of World War II. Sauer was a leader in the production of sporting and hunting weapons, as well as pistols and military rifles.

This company produced guns of the highest quality and used the very best material. It was second to none in the entire world! This new company had acquired the rights to use the Sauer name, and whatever else that was available, to promote the oldest of all German firearms companies.

We will report about the Sauer breech loading hunting rifles from three different time periods. Sauer, next to Merkel and Simson, has produced too many guns and models to show you in this web-site, but fortunately several books about Sauer came out, and you will find interesting and informative information in these books.

Not all these books are still readily available and some have to be found at used book sellers. Although this book is mostly about Sauer pistols, it covers quite a bit of the Sauer history, especially of the World War II years and the occupation by American troops.

sauer 3000 drilling

It is out of print. This book is most likely available from major book sellers. When Russian troops took over about three months later they eventually handed the properties over to a Communist Government. The new J. Sauer Company was founded on March 26, byRolf Sauer, who passed away inand investors who saw the value of the Sauer name and reputation.


An important research and development facility of torpedoes for the German Navy was located here and had employed seven thousand skilled workers that were out of work when the facility was razed in The construction of a new factory began in among the rubble and of these skilled workers were hired, together with 70 skilled craftsmen from Suhl and the original Sauer factory who were able to leave the Russian occupation zone.

The intent was then, to produce the most popular hunting guns that had been made in Suhl, but technical drawings for these guns were not available.

Driven Fox Hunt with Sauer 3000 Drilling, Aimpoint H2 Micro and Dachshunds, Victoria 30/04/2017

An original model VIII shotgun was the first to be taken apart, all components were measured and production drawings were made.I was slowly stalking along the edge of a rolling South Dakota meadow and spotted a good set of whitetail deer antlers seemingly floating along the skyline directly ahead. A wide rack with eight or more tall, grey tines rose from the yellow, autumn grass only forty yards away.

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As I stood near a large Ponderosa pine tree to my left, I could see the mature rutting buck was about to step behind a smaller pine only thirty yards away. When he stepped behind the tree, I raised my J. At the shot, I expected to see the buck drop. Incredulously, I saw the buck suddenly turn to my left, continue his walking pace, and disappear behind the large pine. He was packing his right leg! After snapping the action closed, I walked forward a few steps and saw my 4X5 buck laying twenty yards away.

He was dead. I signed and validated my tag, performed the ancient, Germanic Waidmannsheil ritual, then conducted my Native American Thanksgiving ceremony. Following lots of picture taking, I dressed the deer. The grain Hornady SST bullet had taken the top of his heart out—no broken bones. My wife, Carol, and I love the meat. This was really cool because I shot him with a traditional, hand-built European firearm, a real work of art, a model that has been fabricated since But living in a family of very modest means, it would take lots of paper route and part-time job salaries to save up enough to finally acquire inexpensive, used firearms to hunt small game, birds and eventually deer.

I still have it. Like most everybody else, I used up the next fifty years with getting married, raising a family and making a living.

With lots of shooting, reloading and hunting thrown in, there was little time left to think about German drillings. Inwe sold our farm, livestock and saddle shop. We packed up our belongings, the four boys ages 3 to 12, two horses and a dog into a station wagon, two-horse trailer and U-Haul truck and moved to Wyoming.

To make a living, we bought Caribou Resort, 24 miles west of Buffalo, Wyoming, and started a big-game outfitting business. After several years, we developed a solid reputation and traveled quite a bit conducting hunting and horse-packing seminars at sport shows and conventions. Rolf Barbian from Wadern, Germany, who had been applying for a Wyoming sheep license with us for 17 years, drew the tag in After he killed his old, broomed monarch with us, I asked if he would consider hosting Carol and me on a tour of Germany.

Rolf introduced us to many of his long-time hunting buddies during our month-long European vacation. I admired many expensive European guns owned by Rolf and his friends, lots of drillings with hand-made German claw mounts and rail scopes. I still never gave a thought to buying one—too rich for my blood. As we were leaving, I glanced into the shop window and saw a used J.

The scope alone is worrrrth morrre than the asking prrrice. My next priority was to obtain ammo. I soon discovered that gauge shotshells and slugs were not as easy to purchase as they were formerly, nor were 7x65R cartridges readily available.

I was able to order a variety of gauge ammunition and 7x65R dies from Midway, and found loaded Norma 7x65R ammo. I also found 7x65R brass from a custom ammo shop. I had everything else I needed for handloading except for bullets. The Hornady reloading manual gave me lots of 7x65R loading data and I selected. After the Sauer and ammo were in hand, I was finally ready to see what my new drilling and ammo could do at my range right here at home.The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.

sauer 3000 drilling

Please click Accept Cookies to continue to use the site. Blued metal finish has minor handling marks and is mounted with IT is chambered for a 2. The bottom barrel is a. This example has a scalloped boxlock design which is very strong with two locking lugs on the bottom of the barrels in addition to a "Greener" Pre war Maychambered in With over a year history of hand crafting Single extractor, no play with lock-up to receiver. Bohler Stahl barrels are bright with Rifled 52 Caliber barrel, 20 Gauge smoothbore barrel.

No maker markings, blue finish steel barrels, casehardened backlock plates, mounted in plain walnut with silver mounts The upper barrel is chambered in. Original blue finish, mounted in skip checkered european walnut. Germany circa s. Original blue finish barrels, coin finished frame and mounted in checkered walnut.

Original blue finish, casehardened frame, mounted in checkered walnut. Fixed front and Inverted V fixed Original blue finish, mounted in checkered walnut. Solid grooved barrel rib with Boxlock action with crossbolt. G 13gr.Classic Sporting Guns A Sale is running, take advantage now!

Articles: Comments, Feedback etc.

sauer 3000 drilling

There were many small makers who were good. The most popular maker in Germany where people are very discriminating with regard to these classic hunting weapons is JP Sauer. I would have to agree they are very solid, accurate and reliable guns.

I also like Merkel guns and Krieghoff, though they're more expensive.

Sauer, J.P.- Photo Gallery

The Austrians also made some fine drillings. I pretty much limited the ones I bring in to those makers. Those early guns from the 's with all the handwork would be prohibitively expensive to build today. Many of those artisans have moved on to the big gun shop in the sky, taking their skills with them.

Side selector switch, joined barrels, with bright shinny bores. Subertus, 4x24 scope, old with a few dents. Personally fired this gun, and quite accurate. Won't see one to often in a Savage, has see thru claw mounts. From time, to time, I will bring a few of these in.

Gaining in appeal, especially the joined barrel models, and for those wanting a cheap combo gun for hunting they are ideal. Mag, over 20 gauge 3" Magnum choked full. Early joined barrel model, with very nice bores, 25" barrel, and L.

Has the DL grade etching on the receiver, and barrel selector at the hammer. Includes leather sling as shown. By no means rare, but getting more collectible and a economical choice for a combo gun. Included is a set of 28" 16x16, over under barrel choked Mod. Excellent bores on both barrels. Has the "Dural", or light weight reciever, nice engraving, light weight, and fast handling. Has a unique side cocking system that Kreighoff developed as a safety feature, no top tang.

Cross bolt, set trigger, along with nice clear Serburtus 6x42 scope, German heavy pointer, and see thru claw mounts. Very nice rich grained walnut stock, with few handling marks Nice fitted case,includes some test targets,leather slingsee thru lens cover. Includes a second set of 16x16 over under barrel choked Mod. Cross bolt, set trigger, and claw mount bases, no rings. These can be made by following the directions on the site.Participation Requirements: Valid Credit Card required for bidding approval.

Sales Tax: Click here for tax information. We will contact you after the auction to arrange payment and shipping. If you bid on items that are antique we can release the firearms to you or ship directly to your preferred address. If you are bidding on an item that is manufactured after and do not hold an FFL we would have you fill out the standard ATF form if you live within Illinois.

If you live within a contiguous state of Illinois, i. Handguns must be shipped to an FFL dealer for these states, we can help you find one if you do not use one currently. If you live outside this area or do not fill out the ATF form we will ship to an FFL licensed dealer of your choice and they will transfer the gun to you. Be sure to check your state requirements on firearm ownership before placing a bid. If you have any questions about the ATF form or regulations on transferring firearms please contact us.

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Lot 532: Colt Sauer Model 3000 Drilling with Box

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Go to Catalog. Got One to Sell? Add To Wish List. Text Reminder. Open Fullscreen. Item Views. Item Interest. Imported by Colt and manufactured by J.

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This drilling features solid rib barrels, blade front sight and folding leaf rear sight on the solid matte rib.As a result, the fairways are generous in width, especially compared to normal US Open tracks like Oakmont, Pebble Beach and Winged Foot. However, the wind is not its only defence with contoured fairways making for very few flat lies and several semi-blind and blind shots. These bunkers surround many of the greens, along with shaved run-off areas.

Rather than seeing players chipping out of thick rough if they miss the dance floor, they will instead be left with a choice of putting, playing a bump and run or pitching. The only US Open course in recent memory that was reminiscent of this was Pinehurst no. They will be slick surfaces that run true with many raised or multi-tiered. In summary, superior ball-striking skills will be rewarded this week, particularly for those who drive the ball well from the tee.

Shot-making ability, playing well in the wind and liking firm surfaces are all a plus and an imaginative short-game will be crucial. Being long certainly looks to be an advantage but not essential, although Driving Distance stats will be far more important than Driving Accuracy over the week. Big hitters often taste success on US Open tracks, with eight of the last 11 winners ranking in the top-eight for DD during the week of their success.

A high Greens in Regulation percentage will be key and is usually the case year-in year-out at this major. The US Open invariably boils down to a missed putt here or a key putt there, but in order to be in contention on Sunday, a player needs to be hitting plenty of greens. The average GIR rank for every champion this century is just 7. However, with plenty of exciting second-shots expected at Erin Hills, it will favour those with a bit of flair and those who are comfortable shaping the ball both ways, meaning strokes gained approaching the green will be a telling stat.

sauer 3000 drilling

The slick greens will suit aggressive putters, but form with the short-stick is part and parcel of doing well in most tournaments. Salvaging pars from wayward approaches will be challenging this week, making Scrambling a key stat to consider, with a certain amount of creativity required. This will certainly favour the younger generation and the more athletic golfer. A Par 72 should offer more scoring opportunities and it is a course that will reward aggressive iron-play. Many established names have been crowned US Open champion and in the last six years the cream has really risen to the top.

Only Kaymer has been ranked outside the top-15 in the world before winning, but the German had shown his quality by picking up a PGA Championship in 2010. Last year, DJ continued the trend of recent US Open winners having excellent seasons prior to their title. He had not won before his triumph but he had registered eight top-15 finishes from 11 events.

As a result, every winner since the turn of the century has now recorded at least one top-five finish prior to their success, with nine winning at least once. The last seven winners, in particular, have all hit top form, with six registering at least four top-10 finishes that year prior to their success (the exception was Kaymer, who still had two, one of which was winning at TPC Sawgrass). Although the course differs every year, previous US Open form looks a big plus.

In the last 20 or so years Retief Goosen, Ernie Els, Lee Janzen and Payne Stewart have all become dual champions, whilst Tiger Woods is a three-time winner. Moreover, despite never winning, Phil Mickelson and Colin Montgomerie finished runner-up on numerous occasions. DJ continued this trend after winning just a year on from the heartbreak of Chambers Bay, as well as 4th in 2014 and 8th in 2010. This means that 19 of the 27 winners since 1990 had previously recorded a top-10 finish.

More recently, six of the last 10 winners had previously had a top-eight finish, while superstars McIlroy and Spieth won on just their third attempt, but had already come 10th and 17th respectively. It is worth looking out for the guys who will embrace the challenge of a US Open.

He has been victorious five times from 19 tournaments since Oakmont, along with 12 top-10 finishes. In theory, the course looks tailor-made for DJ with his power and ball-striking ability, in addition to his skills as a fantastic wind exponent. However, there are a few questions marks over his form since the freak back injury that kept him out of the Masters, going just 2-12-13-MC since.Skip to main content Try Microsoft Edge A fast and secure browser that's designed for Windows 10 No thanks Get started This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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